African Goose Summit Overview

Once upon a time in a village beyond the river banks of the Volta, lived a farmer.

He miraculously received a goose – a special goose that laid golden eggs! This farmer was delighted! He finally had a way out of poverty! He could sell the eggs and make a fortune, which he did. Unfortunately though, the goose laid only an egg a day. That was simply not fast enough for the soon-to-be-rich farmer.

One day, he got a “brilliant” idea to cut open this goose so he could extract all the eggs at once. To his utter dismay, however, there were no eggs in the belly of the goose!

So with one decision, he lost both the goose and the golden eggs.

 Though this is a farm story, it is very similar to the story of The African Business (The Goose), and The Entrepreneur (Farmer). The African Goose Summit is an annual event that seeks to preserve the lives of the Geese on the continent in order to alleviate poverty and change the African narrative one “Goose” and “Farmer” at a time.


“In today’s world of exponential change, organizations that get too comfortable with the status quo
are at major risk of disruption. If you’re not experimenting and, as a director, if you’re not asking questions about how your organization is navigating and plugging into disruption,
forming new ecosystems, and tapping into open markets, then your organization is at risk”

 – Andrew Vaz | Global Chief Innovation Officer at Deloitte


African Goose Summit 2020

The Theme for this maiden edition is “WINNING – strategies for leveraging the African Free Trade Agreement to Scale UP”.
The intent is to equip the entrepreneurs and business leaders with effective strategies for scaling in the face of open borders and continuously growing competition, which can be applied to both their businesses and lives to drive economic sustainability and profitability of their business.

With the theme as backdrop, the other issues that will be addressed are as follows:

  1.  Accessing relevant data for new market entry.
    2. Strategies for deploying the internet and technology to scale across  borders.
    3. Dominating your market.
    4. Overview of the agreement.
    5. Strategies for maximising the gems in the AfCTA.